UDP launched the third large-tonnage SLG barge

UDP launched the third large-tonnage SLG barge

Photo: Dmytro Moskalenko’s Facebook

The Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company launched the third large-tonnage SLG barge and is ready to build up to 10 vessels per year.

About this reported Dmytro Moskalenko, CEO of the company, on Facebook.

“The third SLG barge has already been launched. Our plant has fully developed the conversion technology. We are ready to build up to 10 barges a year with the possibility of increasing volumes by 20%. However, currently the UDP is provided with a non-self-propelled fleet,” Moskalenko noted.

In addition, last year UDP carried out a large amount of repairs and we are completing the formation of a self-propelled fleet reserve for the transportation of up to 200,000 tons of cargo per month. Accordingly, the enterprise had the opportunity to receive the fleet of other enterprises and companies as well. The order is there, the plant is equipped with work.

According to Moskalenko, well-known foreign manufacturers are interested in the UDP production site, and consultations are currently ongoing.

“In order to attract investors, we need to complete the process of registering property and land plots; dispose of production waste that has been accumulating for decades (we are planning the first auctions for the sale of scrap metal, of which we have a lot of it),” explained the company’s general director.

We will remind:

Ukrainian Danube shipping built the second large-tonnage SLG barge using old lantern ships – small forty-meter barges.

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