Ukrainian “Red Viburnum” is the first tincture in Ukraine with the natural taste of Red Viburnum berries

Ukrainian “Red Viburnum” is the first tincture in Ukraine with the natural taste of Red Viburnum berries

We managed to convey its pleasant and unique taste and make it the same drink as pure, white vodka.

Guelder rose – a real Ukrainian traditional berry, which has long been considered a symbol of love, happiness, beauty and respect. All autumn and winter, bright red fruits burn with a ruby ​​necklace on the viburnum.

And if you look carefully at the bone removed from the berry, you can see that it resembles a small heart.

Viburnum symbolizes the indomitable spirit in the struggle for the independence of the native land, the noble urge to fight for freedom and human dignity. Viburnum fruits became a symbol of the courage of people who gave their lives in the fight for Ukraine.

Kalina is also a symbol of the native land, the fatherland, the house, which enters our consciousness from the mother’s lullaby. This is the symbol that preserves human memory, reminding of sweet lands, and the symbol of immortality, inseparable from life.

Viburnum is our Ukraine… It represents the dearest corner of the earth, where we were born.

It is impossible to imagine a folk song without the image of viburnum. There are countless colorful and melodious songs about this berry, the most famous of which is “Oi vu luguza red viburnum”

An exquisite drink with a harmonious, barely astringent taste and a pleasant aroma of viburnum, can be both an independent drink and a cocktail base. The drink has a strength of 37.5% and is very easy to drink, even without a snack.

An example of a delicious cocktail:

  • 60 ml of vodka with viburnum
  • 30 ml of fresh lemon juice
  • 30 ml of sugar syrup
  • 60 ml of sparkling water
  • a few pieces of ice and lemon slices for decoration

Drinking “Chervon Kalina” tincture can become a real ritual that every man full of national pride and love for Ukrainian culture will like.

Before your favorite dish, a couple of glasses of Red viburnum will set your mood exactly as it should. You can continue with almost any dishes of Ukrainian and European cuisine, this is the main uniqueness of this vodka, its nice viburnum flavor will complement your dish.

Red Viburnum does not get boring, after a few glasses, like most flavored vodkas, it is very easy to drink for a long time, but it should also be consumed responsibly.

“Similar vodka-symbols like Urainka exist in different countries, for example: the Finns have Finlandia vodka, the Danes have Danzka. That is why we set ourselves the goal of creating a colorful and high-quality product that will be associated with our country and form an image, widely known both to consumers of Ukraine and all over the world.

Ukrainian Chervona Kalina is another step to popularize Ukrainian vodka in the world” – Chertok Felix Borisovychco-owner “AV” Trading House.

So, it is very nice that, despite the conditions of the war, a well-known Ukrainian manufacturer made a vodka that fully justifies its name, both in the emotional sense and in the modern vodka taste. Try it and see for yourself – Ukrainka “Chervona Kalina” vodka is the best example of what our vodka industry can give to the world.

An original, tasty and drinkable tincture Ukrainian woman “Red Viburnum”.

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