Ukrzaliznytsia allowed to transport grain in semi-cars, but there are conditions

Ukrzaliznytsia allowed to transport grain in semi-cars, but there are conditions

JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” allowed to continue to transport grain in semi-wagons, but with the fulfillment of a number of conditions.

This was reported by the deputy director department of commercial work of Valeriy Tkachev University of Applied Sciences in Facebook.

“JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” will continue to allow the transportation of grain in semi-wagons (open rolling stock). Please transport grain on the condition that the requirements for placing and securing the cargo in the freight car are met,” he noted.

Tkachev added that UZ prohibits placing and securing cargo in a semi-car in violation of the requirements of SMGS Appendix 3 “Technical conditions for placement and fastening of cargo”, i.e. in violation of the requirements adopted by the International Association of Railways.

He added that shippers usually violate the following rules of cargo transportation:

  • external parts of the semi-wagon body, which are not adapted for this purpose, are used to secure the shelter/awnings;
  • attach a protective shelter to wagon in a way that does not exclude the possibility of its separation and sailing on the way;
  • used for fastening shelters/tents, disposable ties, etc.

“Imagine that a passenger train was moving to meet such a semi-car, and this awning, shelter falls on the oncoming passenger locomotive, contact network, infrastructure elements…

“Ukrzaliznytsia” tracks also carry dangerous, explosive cargoes, fuel… and such semi-wagons with grain… why risk it, why expose passengers to danger?” Tkachev says about the consequences of violating the rules.

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