What is Notcoin from Telegram: how to mine, why and how to sell notcoins?

What is Notcoin from Telegram: how to mine, why and how to sell notcoins?

Over the past few days, the search for “notecoin” has grown sharply in Google Trends from 6 to 100 points. The game application in Telegram for obtaining virtual coins quickly gained popularity, gathering more than 12 million players.

Why did Notcoin become so popular in Telegram? Does it have prospects for inclusion in the list of cryptocurrency exchanges? What are the features of Notcoin in Telegram? A detailed review will help answer the most common questions about the new clicker bot from Pavel Durov.

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What is Notcoin in Telegram?

Notcoin is a game project, a clicker bot, a meme coin on the TON blockchain, which works in the Telegram messenger. The purpose of the project is to introduce millions of users to the TON infrastructure through an exciting game.

By playing, users can receive virtual coins, which can potentially be exchanged for tokens. At the moment, the project does not have its own token, and the coins received are considered in-game points. We will talk about the prospects of the project later.

Perhaps the name Notcoin hints at the marketing strategy of ANALOS and similar projects, because NOT is the reverse of the name of the TON blockchain. The success of meme tokens (cryptocurrencies based on popular Internet memes) also draws attention to this game, which has become a trend in 2024.

Since its launch, the developers have reported 150,000 active users. As of January 15, the total number of players exceeded 12 million and continues to grow daily.

Important: you can get coins for free. No investment required.

Can I buy a coin?

No. At the moment, the purchase and transfer of notcoins is not available. But there are rumors that the price of 1 notcoin is approximately $0.0001.

To get started, you need to follow the link from your mobile phone and click Start. In the mobile version of Telegram, users can earn Notcoin in-game coins. For this you need:

  1. Open the Notcoin Telegram bot.
  2. Click “Chased” in the main menu.
  3. For more information, click “How to play” or “Full guide”.
  4. Click “Chased” in the main menu.
  5. Click anywhere.

How to play in Notcoin Telegram, Source: lifter.com.ua

What’s next?

You can play alone or join a Squad.

You get 2500 Notcoin to start.

You will see the coin logo – clicking on it allows you to collect coins.

For each click on Notcoin, you get one coin and spend one unit of energy.

Click on the coins to pump the account.

When a rocket appears, do not miss it, call. After that, the speed of mining coins increases, using less energy.

Of course, cliques are only part of the mining process. There are quests and game achievements in Notcoin Telegram. You also receive additional rewards for each invited friend and his success in the game. If your friend does not have Telegram Premium, you will both receive 2,500 notcoins; if there is – 50,000 Notcoin for each.

Studying the functionality, you will open more interesting possibilities, for example, tap-bot – a useful assistant that will collect coins when you are offline (so buy it as soon as possible).

How to withdraw Notcoin Telegram money?

Let’s consider the prospects of Notcoin Telegram. One of the most frequently asked questions by users is how to withdraw money from notcoin. At the moment, Notcoin is not liquid, although you can already see it on CoinMarketCap.

The Telegram team added intrigue by announcing at a recent conference the approximate selling price of $10 for 100,000. notcoins However, this is still unofficial and only a hope for the future on centralized exchanges.

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