Zelenskyi announced the creation of the Council for the Support of Entrepreneurship

Zelenskyi announced the creation of the Council for the Support of Entrepreneurship

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, announced the creation of the Entrepreneurship Support Council, which will include business representatives.

Source: Zelensky’s address on January 23, First Deputy Prime Minister – Economy Minister Yuliya Svyridenko

straight language: “As government officials agreed with business representatives, the Council for the Support of Entrepreneurship will be formed, and its members will include business representatives.

These are well-known names, well-known heads of Ukrainian companies. A business that works for millions of people. Technology business, finance, services and other industries. Different fields to have different views. But one task is to strengthen our economy, our society.”

Details: According to the president, the government will introduce changes to the law on the Bureau of Economic Security and some other laws to “limit as much as possible the potential of any possible pressure on “white”, legal businesses.”


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Also, at the level of the NSDC, a three-month moratorium on procedural actions that could block the operation of the enterprise was determined.

An audit of the tax invoice risk monitoring system should also be conducted.

straight language: “The state will fulfill its part of the moral contract with business. It is important that each of the entrepreneurs in Ukraine also fulfills their part of the agreements: the business pays taxes, works legally, “in white”, respects workers, and definitely does not work with Russia.”

Updated: First Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Economy Yuliya Svyridenko clarified that the Council for Business Support during the martial law period will respond to the complaints of entrepreneurs and solve urgent problems. The National Security Council also recommended that the Prosecutor General’s Office, SBU, SBU, National Police, BEB conduct an audit of registered criminal proceedings that could potentially put the state’s economy at risk.

The minister also announced that business inspections by law enforcement agencies will be limited.

Svyridenko’s direct speech: “The Prosecutor General’s Office, the State Bureau of Investigation, the National Police of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine will be recommended by the decision of the National Security Council to refrain from searches, detentions, blocking of accounts for three months, if such actions block or significantly negatively affect the work of the enterprise. In addition, they will have to conduct an audit of the measures already taken and whether it is appropriate to continue using them.”

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