100 people at a time “voted” at thousands of precincts

100 people at a time “voted” at thousands of precincts


Thousands of polling stations in Russia reported on the voting of hundreds of people during the presidential elections. “Important Histories” drew attention to this.

The average traffic of the sites was 23 people. Anomalous speed in some periods was shown by 6,675 sites. Moscow was not taken into account in the calculations, since the total turnout was reported there: physical and remote.

The most “quick” was the polling station in the village of Turukhansk, Krasnoyarsk Territory. By 15:00 on the first day of voting, almost five thousand people voted there, that is, approximately 700 people per hour. According to open data, the entire population of the village is about three thousand people, but it has an airport and a river port.

At polling stations in the Arkhangelsk and Murmansk regions, as well as in the regions of the Far East, to which ports are also assigned, the turnout even reached 100% in the first hours of voting.

According to the calculations of “Important Histories”, during the period of increased activity, more than six million people voted at the polling stations.

Earlier, “Holos”, “Vazhney istorii” and “Novaya gazeta Evropa” calculated that millions of votes were cast for Vladimir Putin. Analysts from the first two publications agreed on a figure of 22 million falsified votes.

According to the CEC of Russia, Putin received more than 76 million votes, or 87.3% of their total number.


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