A case of treason and terrorism was brought against the Russian actor

A case of treason and terrorism was brought against the Russian actor

The military court in Moscow received a criminal case against Russian actor Kirill Kanakhin on charges of treason and terrorism. “Kommersant” drew attention to this.

According to the investigation, after the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Kanakhin joined the “Russian Volunteer Corps” (RDK), fighting on the side of Ukraine. As part of the corps, Kanakhin “fought against Russian troops in the Kherson direction, and then participated in an attack on the border area of ​​the Bryansk region” in March 2023. It is confirmed that Kanakhin was identified by a photo and video.

In March 2023, Kanakhin, who previously starred in “Glukhare”, “Uchastkov” and “Stranger’s Wings”, was declared a federal wanted person in Russia, and in April he was arrested in absentia. He faces a life sentence.

In November 2023, such a punishment was received in absentia by the commander of the RDK, Denys Kapustin. The military court found him guilty of treason, attempted terrorist attack, teaching terrorist activities, creating a terrorist community, and acquiring explosives. Both fighters are included in the list of terrorists and extremists of Rosfinmonitoring.

  • The Russian Volunteer Corps is an armed formation that fights on the side of Ukraine, but is said to consist exclusively of Russian citizens. According to the statements of the RDC fighters, their goal is to “liberate their land from Putin’s regime.” In Russia, the RDK is recognized as a terrorist organization.

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