Drones were shot down over St. Petersburg and the Pskov region

Drones were shot down over St. Petersburg and the Pskov region

A drone was shot down on the approach to St. Petersburg on Wednesday night. This is reported by “Fontanka” and “Mesh na Moike”. According to the published information, the drone was shot down while flying over the Kolpino district. The UAV was shot down with the help of the S-400 air defense complex, Fontanka claims.

Earlier, the same edition reported that residents of several districts of the city heard the sounds of explosions at night. They also appeared on videos published by a number of St. Petersburg Telegram channels.

The downed drone fell on the territory of the Nevsky Mazut plant in St. Petersburg, damaging several tanks, Mesh reports. According to preliminary data, the tanks were empty, the fire was quickly extinguished. There are no victims. According to “Fontanka”, the debris of the fallen drone damaged cars parked on the territory of “Nevsky Mazut”.

Pulkovo Airport was closed for almost three hours.

On Wednesday morning, the authorities of St. Petersburg informed RBC about the incident in the “fuel oil plum zone” at the industrial site in the city

The Russian Ministry of Defense has not yet commented on the information about the new drone attack on St. Petersburg.

Another aircraft-type drone was shot down on Wednesday night over the Pskov region, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense. The department blamed the Ukrainian military for the attack. No other details are given in the press release.

This is not the first drone attack on the Pskov region, which is approximately 500 kilometers from the northern border of Ukraine. On the night of August 30, 2023, several planes were damaged as a result of an attack on the military airfield in Pskov.

In January, Ukrainian drones allegedly struck two targets on the shores of the Gulf of Finland: an oil depot near St. Petersburg and the port of Ust-Luga. The border of Ukraine is about 900 kilometers from them.

  • Drone attacks on Russia have become regular since the spring of 2023. At the same time, UAVs not only attack border cities, but also fly to targets hundreds of kilometers from the contact line. The most high-profile cases are the drone attacks on Vladimir Putin’s residence in the Kremlin and the Moscow City business center, as well as the massive attack on August 29 on Russian cities and the annexed Crimea, as a result of which several planes were damaged at the Pskov military airfield. As a rule, the Ukrainian military does not officially comment on attacks on targets in Russia, although sources in the Ukrainian special services have repeatedly stated that such attacks are carried out by Ukraine.

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