A new modern square “Kusum” appeared in Kyiv

A new modern square “Kusum” appeared in Kyiv

With the support of the Embassy of India in Ukraine, the heads of the KMDA and the Department of Environmental Protection and Adaptation to Climate Change, the KMDA created and equipped a modern park “Kusum” on Almaty Street in the Dnipro district of the capital. The group of pharmaceutical companies “Kusum” acted as the main sponsor of the arrangement of the square.

The work on the arrangement of the square lasted about three months. During this time, employees of the KP UZN of the Dnipro district leveled the territory with an area of ​​0.8 hectares, removed overgrowth and cleared thickets, installed lighting and watering, installed a fence, benches and urns, and planted greenery.

The green area with a total area of ​​almost one hectare is decorated with: 60 trees, more than 200 bushes, about a thousand cereals and ornamental grasses. Art objects of the modern Ukrainian artist Petro Antip became the decoration of the new square.

Ambassador of India to Ukraine Harsh Kumar Jain was present at the grand opening of the park.

“I am pleased to join you today at the grand opening of this beautiful park. I am doubly pleased to realize that this park was created thanks to the initiative of an Indian company.

This is a good example of cooperation between Indian business and local authorities, which also shows the trust of Indian business in Ukraine, which continues to fulfill its social obligations in this difficult time. I am deeply grateful to Mr. Rajiv Gupta for the initiative and I thank the city authorities for their active support in the implementation of this project.

This project will also symbolize the friendship between the peoples of Ukraine and India,” said the Ambassador of India to Ukraine.

“All of us remember well June 5, 2022, especially the residents of this microdistrict of Kyiv. It was on this day that the enemy bombarded the Darnytskyi and Dniprovskyi districts of the capital with ballistic missiles.

One of the first thoughts that appeared was – if the enemy intends to destroy and disfigure our city, we will do everything possible to make it even more beautiful, attractive and comfortable for life.

We cannot be broken. We will still win. Glory to Ukraine!” said Rajiv Gupta, CEO of the Kusum group of companies.

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