A new product for business from “Pivdenny” bank – tender guarantee in two hours

A new product for business from “Pivdenny” bank – tender guarantee in two hours


Ukrainian companies participating in tenders can now obtain tender guarantees from Pivdennyi Bank under a simplified procedure and in the shortest possible time.

Potential clients of the bank can count on receiving a decision on the guarantee in two hours, the registration takes place within two days. For existing customers, the registration period is one day. To do this, you only need to fill out a questionnaire and provide information about the ownership structure to the bank.

The cost of the guarantee is minimal and is a fixed 0.75% of the amount of the guarantee, which the client pays once for the entire period of use.

The guarantee can be used by legal entities participating in tenders, regardless of the industry.

“Tender guarantees are a popular product for business, because only according to Prozorro data, the volume of purchases increased to UAH 813 billion in 2023 compared to UAH 525 billion in 2022.

This means that business works and drives the economy despite wartime conditions. We see a request from clients to obtain tender guarantees and therefore have developed the most convenient and transparent conditions for obtaining them at our bank.

“Pivdenny” has extensive experience in servicing companies specializing in the execution of government orders, including in the field of defense orders,” says Oleksandr Matyushenko, director of the corporate business department and member of the board of the “Pivdenny” bank.


Bank “Southern” – one of the leaders of the financial market of Ukraine, which ranks third in the group of Ukrainian banks with private capital in terms of assets. According to the definition of the National Bank of Ukraine, “Southern” is included in the category of systemically important banks for the sixth year in a row.

For 30 years, “Pivdenny” has been specializing in services in the segment of large and medium-sized corporate business and focuses on financing products, comprehensive service of foreign economic activity and effective solutions for cash management of enterprises and their owners.


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