A resident of Adygea was fined 800,000 for referring to “Navalny LIVE”

A resident of Adygea was fined 800,000 for referring to “Navalny LIVE”

The court in Adygea fined a local resident, 39-year-old Igor Korotkov, 800,000 rubles for the article about the so-called fakes about the Russian army. The reason for the criminal case was the video “Ukraine: Putin’s defeat” posted in the WhatsApp group of the “Navalny LIVE” channel. The convicted person intends to challenge the sentence handed down on March 3.

Representing the interests of Korotkova’s lawyer Irina Babakhanova reported to Kavkaz.Realii that an acquaintance added him to a general group in the messenger devoted to a rally in support of the Russian army. He posted a link to a video criticizing Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

“My client believes that he spread unknowingly false information. He trusts this information, it has not yet been refuted by anyone. Korotkov himself did not apply to this group, he was added there by an acquaintance,” the lawyer pointed out.

Sanctions of the article of the Criminal Code, according to which Korotkov was convicted, provide for a fine from 700 thousand to one and a half million rubles or up to three years of imprisonment. Kavkaz.Realii’s interlocutor added that an appeal will be filed against the verdict in the Supreme Court of Adygea.

According to open data, Yury Korotkov ran twice as a self-nominated candidate for the elections to the Council of Deputies of the Krasnogvardei District.

  • According to the investigation, in March 2022, Korotkov posted in the group a link to a material “containing false information about the activities of the armed forces of the Russian Federation,” reported the republican investigation department of the Russian Investigative Committee.
  • He was found guilty under the first article of the Criminal Code on spreading fakes. The second part of this article, which provides for their distribution “on the grounds of political hatred”, provides for up to ten years of imprisonment – for example, Ilya Yashin and Aleksey Horinov were convicted of it.
  • This is the second case of so-called fakes in Adygea. On September 21, the Maikop City Court sentenced local resident Elena Sumyna to a fine of 209,811 rubles 36 kopecks, which is her annual pension income. Sumina pleaded guilty and applied for a pretrial agreement, that is, to consider the case without proving guilt in court. Her interests were also represented by a lawyer by appointment. Subsequently, the pensioner from Maykop also drew up an administrative protocol for “discrediting” the armed forces.

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