A second administrative protocol will be drawn up against the “foreign agent” Nikandrov

A second administrative protocol will be drawn up against the “foreign agent” Nikandrov

Regarding the 19-year-old native of Pskov, Marat Nikandrov, entered by the Ministry of Justice in the register of “foreign agents” on his own application, a second protocol will be drawn up under the administrative article on the abuse of freedom of mass information. He informed the editors of Sever.Realia about this.

According to him, the second notification from Roskomnadzor about the need to appear for the preparation of the report came to him on the evening of November 20.

According to the second protocol, they want to fine Nikandrov for the publication on the resource “Daily Fax” (registered as a media outlet, administered by Nikandrov) of material from the German publication Deutsche Welle, which is recognized in Russia as a “foreign agent”, with the headline “The EU summit will prepare the ground for an embargo on Russian diamonds.” . The protocol, as in the first case, will be drawn up for Nikandrov as an official.

On November 20, Nikandrov’s lawyer, Leonid Solovyev, visited Roskomndazor, where he was handed the first protocol drawn up against Nikandrov – for the publication of a clip on the Nastoyashe Vremya TV channel about the termination of parental rights of the former editor of the First Channel, Maryna Ovsyannikova.

  • 19-year-old Marat Nikandrov was added to the list of “foreign agents” on November 17. Ten days before that, he himself filled out a form on the website of the Ministry of Justice. This is the first time in Russia that a person who independently entered his data in the registry is recognized as a “foreign agent”.
  • According to the law on “foreign agents”, people who have entered the register of the Ministry of Justice are required to provide reports on their income and expenses four times an hour and on their activities twice an hour. The agency requires reports to be submitted exclusively in writing and insists on sending documents only to “Pochtoi Rossii”.
  • “Foreign agents” are obliged to publish their reports on the Internet. People entered in the register of the Ministry of Justice must also accompany all their materials, including posts on social networks, with the marking “foreign agent”. They are forbidden to teach, conduct educational activities, work in the state or municipal service, be members of election commissions or act as organizers of public events.

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