Yashin said that recruiters from the Ministry of Defense came to him in the colony

Yashin said that recruiters from the Ministry of Defense came to him in the colony

Politician Ilya Yashin, sentenced to eight and a half years in prison for the article about the so-called fakes about the Russian army, said that employees of the Ministry of Defense came to his colony to recruit prisoners of war in Ukraine. This is stated in Yashin’s post in the Telegram channel.

According to him, he has been in the quarantine barracks in the colony near Smolensk for the second week. The officers occupied the office, where they called the prisoners one by one for a conversation. According to Yashin, he was invited out of curiosity: “to see.”

The convicted politician recounted his short conversation with the recruiter:

— Well, Ilya Valerievich, we are unlikely to find a common language with you?

– Yes, I think so too.

— Maybe you have questions for the Ministry of Defense?

— There were many questions, and I asked them publicly. I was imprisoned for this.

– Hmm… Well then, all the best?

– And you won’t get sick. I won’t be able to wish you luck, I’m sorry.

– What is that? Why are you negative?

– It’s just your task to send people to their deaths. And I want people to live.

  • From the summer of 2022, Russian prisoners are being actively recruited to participate in the war in Ukraine, promising them pardons and monetary payments. At first, PMC “Wagner” was mainly engaged in this. Since February of this year, the Ministry of Defense of Russia has been recruiting prisoners and sending them to war. In June, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that allows citizens with a criminal record to enter into contracts with the Ministry of Defense, with the exception of those who have committed serious crimes.

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