Andrey Pyvovarov told why he ended up in the SHIZO and PKT in the colony

Andrey Pyvovarov told why he ended up in the SHIZO and PKT in the colony

Andrey Pyvovarov, recognized as a political prisoner, who at the beginning of this year was transferred to the Karelian colony No. 7 in Segezhe, wrote a letter to his comrades about the conditions of detention. From the moment of his arrival in Karelia, he was not under arrest for only four days, the rest of the time he was placed either in a penal detention center (SHIZO) or in a cell-type facility (PCT). The politician’s letter was posted on the “Pyvovarov Team” telegram channel, which is also published by Sever.Realii.

According to Pivovarov, it was the first time he was sent to the detention center in Petrozavodsk pre-trial detention center. After being transferred to the colony in Szeged, he was also placed in the SHIZO, where he “wrote explanations on the reports that he dared to take off his jacket during the charge and that he did not clean the cell, which he fell into only in the morning.” “Until the first half of the term, I didn’t have a single reprimand, but now I immediately became a malicious violator,” Pivovarov notes.

He confirmed the information of his lawyers that he was placed in PKT until April 30. “There is not much pleasant here, the conditions are difficult to call comfortable. The bed is attached to the wall from 5 in the morning to 9 in the evening. The pen is given according to the schedule, there are no personal belongings, and more precisely, there is almost nothing here at all. But I treat it philosophically, we have to survive, we will hold on.”

The colony in Segezhe gained notoriety after Ildar Dadin, the first person in Russia to be convicted of repeatedly violating the rules of the rally, announced torture in it in 2016. The colony was then headed by Sergey Kossiev. In 2018, criminal cases of abuse of authority were brought against him and his deputy, Anatoly Luyst, but they did not mention the use of torture. They were accused of extorting money from prisoners under the pretext of repairing premises. The sentence against Kossiev entered into force in March 2019. Ego was sentenced to 2.5 years in a general regime colony. Luis was given 3 years in prison. Both Kossiev and Luist were released early.

  • Opposition politician Andrey Pivovarov was detained in May 2021 in St. Petersburg. In July 2022, the court found him guilty of operating an undesirable organization. The Prosecutor General’s Office recognized Open Russia as such in 2017, but it was not a Russian public organization headed by Pivovarov, but an organization registered in London.
  • Pyvovarov was sentenced to four years of imprisonment. The charges were based on messages on Facebook. The Memorial Human Rights Center recognized Pivovarov as a political prisoner.
  • Andrey Pyvovarov has been in prison for almost two years. During this time, he had only one appointment with his mother for an hour and a half and a few calls.
  • On December 22, 2022, Pyvovarova was transferred from SIZO-1 to Krasnodar. A few days later, the oppositionist was brought to the transit and forwarding point. After this, the politician’s whereabouts were unknown for a long time. It became known about him only at the end of February 2023, although he arrived in the colony in Szeged in January.
  • The oppositionist Alexei Navalny, who is in a colony in the Vladimir Region, was placed in a detention center more than 10 times, and now he is also in the PKT.

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