Assistance to women who suffered from violence during the war. How business joins forces with public organizations

Assistance to women who suffered from violence during the war.  How business joins forces with public organizations

Affected women have a hard time experiencing this situation and do not always want to turn to specialists for help, and often do not have the opportunity due to the occupation of their region.

That’s why the NGO “Divchata” and AVON Ukraine have joined forces to help Ukrainian women who have experienced violence to survive this difficult period, live fully and learn to trust the outside world again.

Almost 90% of Ukrainians have encountered violence in their lives

According to Office of the Prosecutor Generalsince the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russians on the territory of Ukraine, 175 cases of sexual violence committed by the Russian military have been recorded.

Most affected by actions of the enemy – women. However, according to representatives of international organizations, such figures are only the tip of the iceberg. What their real number is, it is difficult to estimate due to the inaccessibility of the temporarily occupied territories and the silence of such crimes by the victims themselves.

A person who survived sexual violence during the war can testify about it even years later. After all, this is a gross violation of international law and a crime against humanity, which has no statute of limitations.

Every victim has the right to receive free medical, psychological, social and legal assistance from the state.

Today, there are a number of organizations and charitable foundations in the country that help not only to anonymously collect and transfer the facts of committed violence to law enforcement agencies, but also provide free and confidential legal, medical and psychological assistance to people who have survived sexual violence during the armed conflict.

Unfortunately, Ukrainians are victims of violence not only from the actions of the occupiers, but also in everyday life. This is evidenced by the results poll of the public human rights organization La Strada-Ukraine, which works to ensure gender equality, peacebuilding, and prevention of gender-based violence.

Thus, 88% of the surveyed Ukrainians have encountered violence in one way or another in their lives – mostly psychological and physical. In addition, most of the victims indicated that they needed various types of help from the relevant services and turned to them. Mostly it is legal and psychological help.

NGO “Divchata” and AVON joined forces to help women and children

As part of the Avon charity program “Mission against violence against women” in April 2023, a memorandum was signed with the public organization “Girls” on cooperation in the direction of helping women and children affected by physical or sexual violence as a result of military operations in Ukraine.

Avon has been taking care of women in our country for 25 years, and the NGO “Divchata” has extensive experience in helping and cooperates with a team of experienced psychologists, psychotherapists and neuropsychologists who will help the victims survive the horrors that happened.

All assistance is provided without disclosing information about the victims, in accordance with the articles of the code of ethics.

The project provides for two areas of assistance: free group and individual psychological assistance sessions and humanitarian aid in the form of hygiene kits. Victims of various forms of violence receive help, in particular, women who find themselves in difficult life circumstances.

Such an initiative was created in order not only to encourage Ukrainians not to be afraid to seek psychological help, but also to provide them with long-term support and stabilize their psychological state.

It will also help restore a full-fledged life and trust in the outside world, because during a psychological session a person will work on his resources, develop a strategy for getting out of the situation after a traumatic experience.

For our part, we provide financial support to the NGO “Divchata” so that as many women as possible can receive the psychological help they need.

In addition, as part of the project, the Avon company has already handed over 200,000 units of essential hygiene and care cosmetics worth more than 15 million hryvnias to the NGO “Divchata”.

They are assembled into hygiene kits and sent to the affected and needy families who were forced to leave their homes and are in the de-occupied territories of Ukraine.

Avon’s charity program “Mission against violence against women” has existed in Ukraine for 13 years and aims to protect women who have suffered from violence and warn those who are at risk.

The company systematically raises the issue of domestic violence – it conducts information campaigns, involves opinion leaders and the media.

Due to the war in Ukraine, the company has currently changed the vector of the charity program and through the sale of charity products collects money to help women who have suffered from physical or sexual violence due to military actions.

If you have encountered violence and need help, send a request to [email protected].
Or call +38 073 460 38 60

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