Azat Miftahova’s arrest was extended again

Azat Miftahova’s arrest was extended again

The term of detention of mathematician Azat Myftahov, accused of justifying terrorism, was again extended. He will stay in the Kirov pre-trial detention center until at least February 6, 2024.

As reported by the OVD-Info human rights project, during the hearing on the extension of the restraining order, the investigation provided the court with a negative description of Myftakhov from the colony in which he was serving a sentence for the previous criminal case – about the arson of the United Russia office. As if the mathematician was a malicious violator of the regime.

On September 4, Azat Miftakhov was detained on his way out of the colony in the Kirov region. The mathematician was supposed to be released, but new charges were brought against him. According to the investigation, in the spring, while watching the news in the colony, Myftakhov said aloud that he would “revenge” for the death of a friend who fought on the side of Ukraine, and that “the FSB officers should be blown up.” According to Azat’s wife, the testimony against him was given by the prisoner with whom the mathematician “had the most contact.”

In addition, a confidential witness stated that the mathematician, in a conversation with him, approved the concession of the anarchist Mikhail Zhlobytskyi, who in 2018 staged an explosion in the building of the FSB headquarters in Arkhangelsk. Myftakhov himself stated on his way out of the colony that there was no such conversation. During the interrogation, he pleaded not guilty and refused to testify.

  • Azat Miftakhov, a graduate student of mechmat at Moscow State University, was previously sentenced to six years in prison on charges of hooliganism. According to the investigation and the court, he and his associates, who adhere to anarchist views, broke the window of the United Russia office in the Khovrino district of Moscow and threw a smoke bomb into the room. At the same time, there was no one in the office. Myftakhov reported that he gave the testimony against himself under torture.

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