Putin dismissed the governor of the Vologda region

Putin dismissed the governor of the Vologda region

Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed the governor of the Vologda region, Oleg Kuvshinnikov, the Kremlin press service reports. He appointed Georgy Filimonov, the former deputy chairman of the government of the Moscow region, as the temporary acting head of the region.

The Kremlin’s statement says that Kuvshinnikov resigned on his own accord.

Oleg Kuvshinnikov headed the Vologda Region in 2014. In 2019, he was re-elected. In his Telegram channel, he did not explain the reasons for his resignation. In the video where Vladimir Putin announces the resignation of Kuvshinnikov, the president says that Kuvshinnikov “would like to remain in the sphere of interests of the Vologda region.”

Georgy Filimonov is 43 years old. He is the son of Yury Filimonov, director of the Cherepovets Martial Arts Center and member of the Cherepovets City Duma. According to Znak.com, Filimonov Sr. once “trained together with Kiriyenko” and was friendly with him. The publication suggests that this can explain the successful career of Yuri Filimonov’s son.

In 2005-2009, Georgy Filimonov worked in the presidential administration as an adviser in the foreign policy department. In particular, he was engaged in “information and analytical support of the president’s activities” and the preparation of foreign policy events in which Putin participated. Then Filimonov entered the corporate sector.

In 2021, Filimonov Jr. became the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Moscow Region. Znak.com wrote that the introduction of Filimonov into the Cabinet of Ministers came as a surprise to its members, and this event itself happened after Governor Andrey Vorobyev arrived from the presidential administration. In the position of deputy chairman, he oversaw the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, as well as the Regional Forestry Committee.

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