BBC presenter Lineker was removed from the air after political tweets

BBC presenter Lineker was removed from the air after political tweets

The presenter of the Match of the Day program on the BBC TV channel and the former football player of the England national team, Gary Lineker, was temporarily removed from the airwaves after the publication of political statements on Twitter.

As a sign of support, the rest of the leading programs and experts declared that they would not participate in the program. It was first reported by Ian Wright. Ego supported other former football players and commentators.

The BBC decided that the Saturday program will be held without presenters or experts. The TV channel said that it understands the position of the experts.

Lineker was suspended after he criticized UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s proposal to ban people arriving in the UK illegally from ever applying for asylum. The TV presenter called the initiative incredibly cruel, not much different from the policy of Germany in the 1930s.

Braverman responded by saying that Lineker was minimizing the tragedy of the Holocaust.

Lineker has hosted Match of the Day since 1999. The TV channel said that the presenter will be removed from the air until an agreed position regarding his use of social networks appears. The BBC noted that Lineker may have his own point of view on important political issues for him. However, the presenter was previously warned about the need to distance himself from political disputes.

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