Boris Nadezhdin reported an attack on the head of his staff in St. Petersburg

Boris Nadezhdin reported an attack on the head of his staff in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, an attack was made on the head of the campaign staff of presidential candidate Boris Nadezhdin, Daria Heikkinen. Apparently, the stalker who had been following her for two and a half years had committed the crime.

According to Nadezhdin, the attacker came to the headquarters on the evening of January 14. He blocked the passage, began insulting the opposition activist and shouted threats, and sprayed pepper spray. According to the candidate, a complaint will be filed with the police.

Suspect on Twitter wrote, that he was beaten, and the activist was doused with gas “fairly”. In the comments, he wrote insults to her, specified that he was trying to cause her “as many problems as possible”: “now I [её не жаль]”. The video from the scene shows that there was an altercation between the suspect and the staff of the headquarters brawl.

Heikkinen wrote on Twitter that everything is fine with her, but she needs to rest. In January last year, a 20-year-old activist told, that a man 7 years older than her has been following her for a year and a half. In August she toldthat he tried to disrupt political debates with her participation in one of the clubs in St. Petersburg.

  • In Russia, there is no separate law to protect women from stalking, it was noted in the publication of the consortium of women’s non-governmental organizations. In the fall, a bill was submitted to the State Duma, providing for the introduction of so-called protective orders into the legislation, which prohibit the aggressor from approaching the victim.
  • Borys Nadezhdyna was nominated as a candidate by the “Grazhdanskaya Initiative” party. The former member of the State Duma declares that he opposes the war in Ukraine and, if elected, intends to end it and return the mobilized to their homes. To register, it is necessary to collect 100 thousand signatures.

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