Despite the war, almost a third of Ukrainians are satisfied with their lives – survey

Despite the war, almost a third of Ukrainians are satisfied with their lives – survey

30% of citizens positively evaluate their experience in Ukraine. These are the conclusions of the survey “Barometer of quality of life”, conducted by the European Business Association together with the research company Gradus Research.


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Survey results

At the same time, the overall experience of life in Ukraine is rated as satisfactory by 39% of the general audience, and the remaining 31% as unsatisfactory. The best ratings are given by the young audience from 16 to 25 years old and residents of Kyiv.

Optimists prevail among the business audience: 44% are satisfied with their life, 35% consider it satisfactory, and 21% are dissatisfied. It is worth noting that among the audience of the Association, 15% are abroad, and 4% have changed their place of residence within the country.

Satisfaction with one’s work and income is an important factor influencing one’s quality of life.

In general, 34% of the general audience and 69% of the business audience are satisfied with their current workplace, while 33% of the general audience and 12% of the business audience are dissatisfied with self-realization.

The main factors keeping Ukrainians at their current workplace are a friendly atmosphere in the team, comfortable and safe working conditions, and a good relationship with the manager. In addition, representatives of the Association highlight the possibility of working remotely and career growth prospects.

The level of support provided by the employer can also influence the opinion of the respondents. Yes, since the beginning of the full-scale war, 23% of the general audience received additional support, and among the business audience – 81%. Most often, employers provided advance payments of wages, helped with relocation and compensation of expenses, provided housing.

Income level

At the same time, the assessment of the level of income of Ukrainians is significantly worse. Even among the business audience, 38% consider their income insufficient for a quality life, although 52% call it sufficient, and 10% even more than sufficient. It should be noted that 80% of the representatives of the Association earn more than 20 thousand. UAH per month.

Among the general audience, the majority, namely 85%, consider their income level insufficient, only 13% — sufficient, and 2% more than sufficient. At the same time, 76% of the total audience receives less than 20 thousand. UAH per month, including 53% less than 10 thousand. UAH

The factor of social life is traditionally high among the business audience, including 52% who are satisfied with their leisure time. Among the general audience, 47% are satisfied with their life outside of work. It should be noted that one of the components of this factor is volunteerism, which today involves the vast majority of Ukrainian residents.

Another important factor is safety. Most respondents consider the level of security in the country unsatisfactory, including 53% of the business audience and 47% of the general public. The eastern region is expected to lead the negative evaluations.

At the same time, there are also positive ratings — 25% of the total and 16% of the Association’s representatives are satisfied with the level of security.

Source: Ministry of Finance

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