DTEK lost half of its capacity after the Russian strikes

DTEK lost half of its capacity after the Russian strikes


As a result of a massive Russian attack on the energy system of Ukraine on the night of March 22, the largest Ukrainian energy company DTEK lost about half of its generating capacity. This was stated by the general director of the Yasno company, which is part of the DTEK group, Sergey Kovalenko. He called this information “official”.

According to Kovalenko, during the attack, two parts of the Ukrainian energy system – generating and distribution – were struck at once. At the same time, both generating capacities, i.e. power plants, and distribution facilities – network nodes of “Ukrenergo” and transformers – were affected. “This attack simultaneously destroys the system’s ability to transmit electricity and undermines our generation capabilities,” he said.

According to Kovalenko, “recovery will not take a day, a week or even a month, it will take months,” he said. As a result of the attack, there may be a shortage of electricity in the country during the summer months.

The largest object hit during the rocket attack was the Dnipro HPP in Zaporozhye. It was reported that at least 8 rockets hit the hydroelectric plant complex. Her work was stopped.

CHP plants in a number of regions were also affected. According to the Kharkiv authorities, all CHPs and transformer substations in the city were destroyed. Electricity blackout schedules were introduced in a number of regions of Ukraine, but a large-scale blackout was avoided.

The attack on March 22 was the first blow to the Ukrainian power system this year. Commentators note that its target, unlike last year’s strikes aimed at distribution facilities, was mainly power plants themselves.

On the night of the 25th, Russian drones attacked two substations in the south of Ukraine, leaving a part of consumers in Odessa and the Odessa region without power, in particular, residents of the Peresypsky district of Odessa. In order to reduce the load on the network, electric transport will not operate in Odessa on Monday.


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