Estonia will build 600 defense bunkers along the border with Russia

Estonia will build 600 defense bunkers along the border with Russia

At a meeting on Friday, the defense ministers of the Baltic countries agreed on the creation of defensive zones on the eastern borders to resist possible Russian aggression. In particular, Estonia will build about 600 fortified bunkers along the border. Lithuania and Latvia will also build defense structures.

As the advisor of the Ministry of Defense of Estonia, Kaido Tiytus, said, the line of bunkers will pass through the Ida-Virumaa county, which borders the Leningrad region, and in the southeast of Estonia – on the border with the Pskov region. Each bunker will accommodate up to 10 soldiers and withstand a direct hit from a 152 mm caliber projectile. It is expected that their construction will cost approximately 60 million euros.

“Russia is and will be the biggest security threat to Estonia. The war in Ukraine reduced Russia’s offensive power, but according to various estimates, it is ready to restore it within two to three years. We must be ready and make the price of an attack on Estonia as low as possible for Russia vyshe”, – the Postimees publication quotes the words of Titus.

Lithuania and Latvia will also join the defense initiative. At the meeting in Riga, held on January 18-19, the Baltic countries discussed both national security issues and their actions within NATO. For NATO, these three countries represent a single “Baltic Defense Zone”.

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