Friedrich Ebert’s German Foundation has been declared undesirable in Russia

Friedrich Ebert’s German Foundation has been declared undesirable in Russia


The General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia entered three German projects into the register of so-called undesirable organizations. This is the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the German Society for the Study of Eastern Europe, and the Mobile Academy for the Support of Gender Democracy and Peacemaking. Their activities will be prohibited on the territory of Russia, cooperation with them will be criminally punishable.

The Friedrich Ebert Foundation is the oldest political foundation in Germany, founded in 1925 and named after the country’s first democratically elected president. The fund is associated with the social-democratic movement. It supports civil activism, political education and the trade union movement in more than 100 countries of the world.

The German Society for the Study of Eastern Europe was founded in 1913. It unites researchers in the field of economics, politics, history and culture of Eastern European countries, supports young Slavic scientists, holds international conferences and congresses, and publishes analytical publications.

The Mobile Academy of Support for Gender Democracy and Peacekeeping is a feminist organization founded in 1992. Its goal is the struggle for gender equality and equal participation of men and women in democratic processes. Since 2016, the organization has coordinated the project “Women’s Initiatives for Peace in Donbass”.

  • The law on “undesirable organizations” was adopted in Russia in 2012. This status can be assigned to an organization that, in the opinion of the Russian authorities, poses a threat to the foundations of the constitutional order, security or defense capability of the country. Inclusion in the list means that the organization is prohibited from operating in the country, and Russian citizens are prohibited from cooperating with it under threat of criminal prosecution.
  • Now there are 145 “undesirable” organizations in the Russian register.
  • On February 20, 2024, Radio Svoboda / Svobodnaya Evropa was included in the list of “undesirable in Russia”.


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