German companies help construction in Mariupol

German companies help construction in Mariupol

German companies take an indirect part in the construction conducted by the Russian authorities in occupied Mariupol. This is confirmed in the Tagesschau (news program of the ARD TV channel) investigation.

The investigation notes that the so-called reconstruction of Mariupol, taken by Russian troops two years ago after several months of siege, plays an important role for the Kremlin. “But who will help him in this project? In the annual reports, on the websites of the companies, in the photos and in the video – everywhere there is evidence and evidence that German companies also play an important role in the reconstruction of Mariupol,” Tagesschau asserts.

First of all, we are talking about the Knauf corporation. Its subsidiary continues to operate in Russia. The corporation itself claims that it works exclusively on the Russian market, however, as stated in the investigation, Knauf construction materials are used on construction sites in Mariupol, including those commissioned by the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Another company mentioned in the article is WKB Systems, a company from Münsterland in North Rhine-Westphalia. It produces equipment for the production of aerated concrete. This equipment is said to be used on construction sites in Mariupol.

According to the investigation, the main shareholder of the company is the Russian businessman Viktor Budaryn. The company supplies its products to the Russian firm of the same Budarin. At the same time, neither he nor the company are under sanctions.

  • The exact number of civilians killed in the storming of Mariupol has not been established. Judging by the number of buried people who appeared during and after the siege of the city, it could exceed 10 thousand people.
  • The city was heavily destroyed, more than half of its houses were damaged. Russian pro-Kremlin mass media actively cover construction and restoration work.

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