The office of the manufacturers of the Zircon missile was searched in Moscow

The office of the manufacturers of the Zircon missile was searched in Moscow


In Moscow, police and FSB officers searched the office of the Scientific Research Center for Automated Design Systems.

NIC ASK is part of the “Tactical Rocket Armaments” corporation, which produces “Zirkon” hypersonic missiles. In February, it was reported that the Russian army had begun to use “Zirkony” during shelling of Ukraine.

At the same time, the search took place in the Syrena-Travel company, the developer of the Russian air ticket booking system Leonardo, whose office is in the same building as the National Aviation Center of Ukraine.

The mass media note that nothing has been reported about the reasons for the operational measures in the office of the National Center of ASK, however, the search in “Sirena-Travel” is connected “with large-scale attacks on the IT infrastructure of the Russian ticket booking system, which the company faced in the fall of last year.” It is claimed that the company itself notified law enforcement authorities “about incidents in the field of information security” and “provides access to all necessary documents and data during the investigation.”

At the same time, it is not known whether the searches at the National Research Center of ASK and “Syrena-Travel” are related to each other. There were no previous reports of any successful hacker attacks against the manufacturers of the Zircon missile.

  • In the fall of last year, hackers from the Muppets group, presumably connected to Ukraine, broke into the Sirena-Travel system database with information about passengers of the Russian airlines Aeroflot, Rossiya, Azur Air, Red Wings, Pobeda, and Ural Airlines. . Hackers claimed that they gained access to 664.6 million records of air flights between 2007 and 2023, in particular, the names, names and telephone numbers of passengers, their routes and information about the price of tickets.


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