Germany, France and Italy have jointly developed a plan to regulate AI – mass media

Germany, France and Italy have jointly developed a plan to regulate AI – mass media

Germany, France and Italy have reached an agreement on how artificial intelligence (AI) should be regulated in the future.

As “European Truth” writes, this was reported by Reuters with reference to their joint document, to which the agency gained access.

According to the document, the governments of the three countries advocate the adoption of mandatory obligations for both large and small AI suppliers in the European Union.

In it, countries warned against giving an obvious competitive advantage to smaller European providers, rather than the largest AI providers, particularly from the US, due to concerns about reducing confidence in the security of these providers.

Therefore, rules of conduct and transparency should be mandatory for everyone, they added. At the initial stage, no sanctions should be applied, the document says.

However, the governments of the three countries claim that if, after a certain period of time, violations of the code of conduct are detected, a system of sanctions can be created, and in the future, compliance with the standards will be monitored by a European body.

Germany’s Ministry of Economics, which is responsible for this issue together with the Ministry of Digital Technologies, said that laws and state control should regulate not AI itself, but its application.

Earlier, Britain’s National Cyber ​​Security Center stated that artificial intelligence (AI) poses a threat for the next parliamentary elections in the country, and cyber attacks by hostile countries and their puppets are becoming increasingly difficult to track.

Before that, Great Britain, USA, EU, Australia and China agreed with thatthat artificial intelligence (AI) poses a potentially catastrophic threat to humanity, creating the first international declaration dedicated to this fast-growing technology.

In the summer, the British authorities warned about the risks of using chatbots, controlled by artificial intelligence, claiming that they can be tricked into doing harmful tasks.

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