Bogolyubov, trying to avoid a lawsuit in London, paying his wife £7 million

Bogolyubov, trying to avoid a lawsuit in London, paying his wife £7 million

Gennady Bogolyubov paid his wife £7 million to leave London as the billionaire tried to avoid legal action against himself and Igor Kolomoisky in the PrivatBank case.

About this informs The Standard.

According to court documents, Bogolyubov, who lived in a Belgrave Square mansion for years, paid his ex-wife Sofia £7m while “threatening to stop child support payments” if she didn’t move out.

The intention of the former owner of Privatbank was to prove that neither he nor his family live in Britain anymore, and therefore the English Themis simply has no reason to consider a lawsuit in London regarding his actions during the management of the bank.


“But although his wife moved out of London, a judge later ruled that the case could be heard in London and Mr Bogolyubov, who also bought a house in Belgravia and another in Eaton Place, is now suing Mr Kolomoisky through the state-owned bank in a long-running trial in the High Court, which is expected to end with a decision in 2024,” the statement said.

We will remind:

In December 2016, the Government of Ukraine, at the suggestion of the National Bank and the shareholders of Privatbank, the largest of which at that time were Ihor Kolomoiskyi and Gennadiy Bogolyubov, decided to nationalization “Privatbank”. According to the results of the audit, the detective agency Kroll confirmed that Privatbank was the object of large-scale fraud before nationalization fraudulent actions that led to losses in 5.5 billion dollars.


The bank’s executors are appealing the nationalization decision in a number of Ukrainian and foreign courts.

In December 2017 PrivatBank filed a lawsuit in the High Court of London against Igor Kolomoiskyi, Gennadiy Bogolyubov, as well as the companies Teamtrend Ltd., Trade Point Agro Ltd., Collyer Ltd., Rossyan Investing Corp., Milbert Ventures Inc. and ZAO Ukrtransitservice Ltd, which are probably owned or controlled by them.

A year later, the court found that PrivatBank had filed a lawsuit to obtain jurisdiction of the London court to file a lawsuit against Kolomoiskyi and Bogolyubov. At the same time, the judge recognized that the bank had justified claims against debt collectors for at least several million dollars.

However, the court issued an order on the worldwide seizure of assets ex-owners of the bank and the specified six companies in the amount of more than 2.5 billion dollars.

In February 2023, the High Court of London expanded opportunities for worldwide seizure of assets of Privatbank executors Igor Kolomoiskyi and Gennadiy Bogolyubov.

Privatbank expects that the decision of the High Court of London on the merits of the case against ex-owners Igor Kolomoiskyi and Gennadiy Bogolyubov will appear at the beginning of next year.

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