Great Britain recognized PMC “Wagner” as a terrorist organization

Great Britain recognized PMC “Wagner” as a terrorist organization

On September 15, the British government added the Russian PMC “Wagner” to the list of terrorist organizations. This means that participation in the PMC or providing support to it becomes a criminal offense in Great Britain. The punishment for it can be up to 14 years of imprisonment. The law also allows the assets of “Wagner” and persons connected with the PMC to be classified as the property of terrorists and confiscated.

British Home Affairs Minister Suella Braverman previously stated that the destabilizing activities of “Wagner” continue to serve the Kremlin’s political goals. According to her, PMC activities in Ukraine and Africa still pose a threat to global security.

As reported by the Russian service of the BBC, it became known in the spring that Britain intends to add “Wagner” to the list of terrorists. After the failed rebellion of the PMC at the end of June, the British authorities postponed this issue, since the statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin that the mercenaries were financed from the Russian budget could carry additional diplomatic and legal risks.

  • Previously PMC “Wagner” was recognized as a terrorist organization by the OSCE and the Lithuanian government. The US government declared it a transnational criminal organization and imposed blocking sanctions.

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