Hotel owners earn more with BRG hotels

Hotel owners earn more with BRG hotels

Hoteliers in the war should adapt to the circumstances as quickly as possible, showing flexibility in management. Oleksiy Peklun is the founder BRG hotels (a company that designs and launches hotel facilities and effectively manages existing ones) tells about how the hotels managed by his company manage to earn more.

We are flexible and dynamic – such a feature of the times

BRG hotels is developing in Ukraine the global trend, according to which owners transfer their hotels to management companies. It’s all about benefit for the owner.

The management company assumes responsibility for hotel management, providing marketing, sales, and human resources. It improves hotel efficiency and profitability, reduces costs and frees up time and resources for the hotel owner.

During a year and a half of full-scale war, we managed not only to keep the hotels, but to start new ones. We are designing a new hotel in Odesa, which we plan to open at the beginning of 2025 – construction has now begun.

In the west of Ukraine, we have two new hotels – the loading is very good there: the spectacular hotel “Nikol” with a swimming pool and “Marina”, which is located right in Bukovel and next to the ski lift.

And they are more successful now than before the war, because we competently manage prices and advertising – with us the owners earn more than if they did it themselves“, – says Oleksii.

How to earn more

Oleksiy emphasizes that in order for the hotel to be successful, the manager must analyze demand, adapt to the needs of guests and manage prices:

  • Security. The main request of guests now is security. Hotels with which BRG hotels works either have their own bomb shelters, or inform guests of the address of the nearest ones.
  • Comfort. BRG hotels provide an appropriate level of comfort without saving on personnel or additional costs.
  • Dynamic pricing. It is necessary to constantly analyze the market, the occupancy of one’s own hotel and change prices in accordance with demand.

Forecasts for the future

It is not known when the war will end, but Ukraine must already live and rebuild. And with the victory, according to Oleksiy’s forecast, the Ukrainian hotel business will reach a new level:

  • The West of Ukraine will prosper. Everything related to the hotel business in the Carpathians has grounds for success and growth.
  • Hotels in all regions will develop. When the war ends, hotels in all regions will develop very quickly, because many people from all over the world will come to see what kind of country that defeated the “second army” of the world.

The Ukrainian hotel business has great potential for development. Thanks to competent management and adaptation to new conditions, hotels can not only survive, but also prosper.

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