How Ukrainian business joins the struggle

How Ukrainian business joins the struggle

Conscious citizens are the pride of the nation. And conscious destruction is the way to bring our victory closer.

And one of such conscious businesses was the group of pharmaceutical companies “Kusum” (which includes “Gledpharm LTD” LLC), which, despite today’s difficult times, does not stop its work, but, on the contrary, increases production in order to help Ukrainian medical institutions, military and volunteers

Even before the start of the full-scale invasion, Kusum forces were repairing civilian shelters for the population and engaged in an active informational struggle against false information about the situation in Ukraine in the international information space.

From the first days of the full-scale invasion until today, the “Kusum” group of pharmaceutical companies provides specialized support to medical facilities with medicines.

The total cost of the provided medicines is over 40 million hryvnias. More than 400 hospitals and non-profit organizations have already received essential medical supplies, often delivered under extremely difficult conditions, even during fighting and shelling.

A car for the military from Kusum

In addition to pharmaceutical aid and informational support, 750 foreign students from Sumy were saved with the help of the company. At that time, the city was completely surrounded and under blockade.

Therefore, for more than 20 days, the company provided uninterrupted supply of drinking water and food, and at the first opportunity, the students were taken out and delivered to safer regions of Ukraine.

In the first days of the full-scale invasion, in 2022, the group of pharmaceutical companies “Kusum” transferred UAH 11 million to the accounts of the NBU for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In addition, with the active participation of the company and the assistance of the Embassy of Ukraine in India, the Embassy of India in Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Air Force of India, 25 tons of humanitarian aid was collected in the first weeks of the war, with a total cost of about 52 million hryvnias.

Aid was delivered by planes of the Indian Air Force to Warsaw, from where it was delivered to Ukraine. Today, this gum help has become regular and is carried out several times a year and is distributed among the military, hospitals, medical and preventive institutions, etc.

New challenges – new solutions

Aid to the military from the group of pharmaceutical companies “Kusum” only increased every day.

In May 2022, the company handed over 20 official cars for the needs of the Armed Forces. At the same time, “Kusum” carried out the second delivery of humanitarian aid from India to Ukraine with a total cost of 900 thousand US dollars.

Starting from the fall of 2022, when enemy attacks left Ukrainian cities without electricity, the company found a way to help the population. In the shortest possible time, hundreds of elevators of apartment buildings and civilian objects were equipped with “indestructible boxes” containing drinking water, food and basic medicines.

At the same time, the company held a fundraiser for CELOX hemostatic wipes for the Armed Forces and handed over sets of warm clothing, thermal clothing and stoves to the frontline. Subsequently, portable power plants were purchased for the needs of the SBU.

Delivery of drinking water and food to residents of Sumy

Life despite the war

And, of course, in addition to total assistance to the military, “Kusum” makes an important contribution to the life of the civilian population. In 2023, with the help of the company, a cozy square was arranged in Kyiv, and later a whole park where everyone can relax.

Today, Kusum’s aid to Ukraine already amounts to over 170 million hryvnias, but the company does not stop there. “Kusum” works for Ukrainian victory, providing jobs and supporting our soldiers, people affected by Russian aggression, and the civilian population.

The company’s contribution to our struggle was highly appreciated and recognized by the Award of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine “For services to the Ukrainian people” and the Award from the President of Ukraine.

The group of pharmaceutical companies “Kusum” has become a real example of conscious Ukrainian business and an example to follow. And if every citizen and business representative makes their contribution, then our victory will be one step closer!

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