In April, the Guarantee Fund sold assets worth 713 million

In April, the Guarantee Fund sold assets worth 713 million

During April 2023, inflows of funds to banks managed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund amounted to UAH 713 million. This is stated in the message of the Foundation.

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Receipt of funds

The largest amount of funds came from the sale of property — UAH 551.7 million, including UAH 182.5 million from the sale of assets of Delta Bank JSC, UAH 152.7 million — Prominvestbank JSC, UAH 138.2 million — M R Bank JSC, UAH 45.5 million — Sych Bank JSC, UAH 20.5 million — Arkada JSC JSC.

Another UAH 73.5 million was received by the banks from repayment of loans, UAH 8.7 million from property leases, UAH 79.1 million from other sources of income (correspondence, executive production, etc.).

In general, for January-April 2023, the amount of funds received by banks managed by the Fund amounted to UAH 2,272.2 million, including UAH 1,751.7 million from the sale of property, UAH 250.1 million from loan repayments, 33 UAH 3 million — from property leases, UAH 23.6 million — from securities repayments, UAH 213.5 million — other sources (correspondence, executive production, etc.).

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