In Dagestan, 11 suspects of involvement in the riots were detained

In Dagestan, 11 suspects of involvement in the riots were detained

11 people were detained at Makhachkala airport on suspicion of participating in anti-Semitic riots. This was announced by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the North Caucasian District, Sergey Bachurin. At the same time, he did not say whether a measure of suppression in a criminal case was chosen against any of them.

The investigative committee previously claimed that the identities of 20 suspects — “active participants in mass riots” — had been established.

Most of Bachurin’s speech was devoted to administrative punishments for the participants in the events at the Makhachkala airport on October 29, Mediazona reports. It is confirmed that 201 people were detained, but only 155 of them were recorded. The participants of the anti-Semitic action are prosecuted administratively under three articles, and most of the protocols were drawn up under the article on petty hooliganism – 107. 82 protocols were drawn up under the article about disobeying the police and 17 – under the article about participation in an uncoordinated rally (for some detainees, protocols were drawn up for several articles). According to the already reviewed protocols, the courts, as of November 6, ordered 38 people to be arrested for up to 10 days.

Many participants of the mass action, during which the airport was actually under mob control for several hours and about 20 people were injured, were placed under administrative arrest on the charge of obscene language in a public place – this is petty hooliganism.

  • After the start of Israel’s strikes on the Gaza Strip, which were a response to an attack by the Hamas group, residents of Dagestan tried to hold peaceful actions in support of Palestine, but were dispersed by the police.
  • In the evening of October 28, residents of Khasavyurt gathered at the Flamingo hotel because of rumors that Israeli citizens had allegedly settled there. Law enforcement officers did not interfere with this meeting.
  • The next day, participants of the anti-Semitic action seized the Makhachkala airport. Under the pretext of solidarity with the Palestinian people, the crowd checked people’s documents at the exit from the airport, and then broke into the building and onto the airfield. Passengers from Tel Aviv had to be evacuated by military helicopter.
  • The head of Dagestan, Sergey Melikov, first stated that “there will be no forgiveness” for anyone involved in the riots at the Makhachkala airport, but after calling for leniency towards the rioters, he softened his rhetoric and declared: “What happened, happened.” The Kavkaz.Realii site analyzed how Melikov’s position on this issue changed.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin used the seizure of the airport in Makhachkala to accuse Ukraine and the West, as well as to call to fight for Palestine – but on the territory of Ukraine. Washington and Kyiv categorically deny involvement in the unrest in Dagestan and claim the responsibility of the Russian authorities for what happened.
  • In Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia earlier, anti-Semitic actions were also held: in Cherkessk they demanded to “evict the Jews”, in Nalchik they set fire to the building of the Jewish cultural center under construction.

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