In Russia, 0.15% of acquittals are handed down

In Russia, 0.15% of acquittals are handed down

The chance of getting an acquittal in a Russian court is 0.15%, calculated the project “If you are accurate”, analyzed court statistics for 2022.

It is noted that even in 2011, there were many times more such sentences – about 1%. According to the study, the courts issue guilty verdicts in 78% of cases. About 20% of cases are terminated after the expiration of the statute of limitations, the death of the defendant, or the reconciliation of the parties. A little more than 1% end up with forced treatment of the convicted.

At the same time, the highest share of acquittals – up to 4% – is based on the article on the excess of powers. In the study, it is called “special force”, as it is used mainly by military personnel and employees of law enforcement agencies.

In addition, now a new privileged group is forming in Russia – participants in the invasion of Ukraine. They are increasingly being released from responsibility, the charges are dropped from them “for valid reasons”, the project notes.

The reason for such a low rate of acquittals lies in the “stick system”: in Russia, an acquittal is an indicator of the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies, the study says.

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