In Russia, a “land nuclear explosion simulator” was created for scientists

In Russia, a “land nuclear explosion simulator” was created for scientists

A new land-based nuclear explosion simulator has been patented in Russia. As stated in the description of the patent, “the use of this development will allow to improve the quality of training of units of the Ground Forces for combat operations in the conditions of the use of nuclear weapons.”

How informs TASS, a new simulator was developed by scientists of the Khrulyov Military Academy of Material and Technical Support.

“The purpose of the useful model is to provide a visual imitation of visual signs – impact effect, flash of light and mushroom-shaped dust cloud of a ground-based nuclear explosion,” the description says. Its authors claim that the invention will be used in the course of research.

Previously, TASS emphasizes, the IU-59 nuclear explosion simulator was used for these purposes, but now it is “morally obsolete, it is not produced by industrial enterprises, and the samples available in the warehouses of military units have developed their technical resource.”

  • Since the beginning of the large-scale invasion of Ukraine in Russia, from the mouths of both high-ranking representatives of the authorities and pro-Kremlin figures and publicists, arguments about the possibility of nuclear strikes or the transition of the conflict into a nuclear war are often heard. President Vladimir Putin did not directly threaten nuclear weapons, but he repeatedly mentioned the possibility of using them in the event of a threat to the “territorial integrity” of Russia (in the understanding of the Russian authorities, this integrity extends to a number of Ukrainian territories).
  • Shortly after the start of the invasion of Ukraine 2 years ago, Putin ordered to put the nuclear forces on high alert. Last year, Russia deployed tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus. It also suspended its participation in the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty with the United States and denounced the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.
  • The TASS message does not say when exactly the scientist plans to use the new simulator of a nuclear explosion and in which theater of war it is planned to work during them.

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