In the Belgorod region, five people were wounded in the shelling

In the Belgorod region, five people were wounded in the shelling

On the night of March 26, the Belgorod region was again shelled. Two people were injured in Belgorod, the governor of the region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, said. According to him, 20 private residential houses and an outbuilding were damaged.

In the village of Holovchyno in the Graivoronsky district, which is located on the border with Ukraine, the building of the fire and rescue unit came under fire, according to the message of the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations. Two firefighters were injured, one of them – the guard chief – seriously. A local resident was also injured. She was hospitalized with shrapnel wounds.

The fire department building, four private houses, a social facility, six cars, one of which burned down, were damaged, governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said.

Earlier, he announced 13 downed aerial targets over Belgorod and its surroundings. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported the destruction of 13 Vampyr and two Gradov rockets.

Gladkov also said that the authorities did not turn on the missile warning signal that night so that people would not “jump out” into the street. During rocket fire, it is more dangerous to be outside than to stay at home, he believes, but he suggests that residents discuss whether it is necessary to turn on alerts at night.

Residents of the Graivoronsk district previously launched a petition addressed to Vladimir Putin, asking them not to “throw” them under fire.

The Belgorod region of Russia, which borders Ukraine, and, in particular, the city of Belgorod, are regularly attacked. Only in the last week, according to the statement of the governor Vyacheslav Gladkov, 16 were killed and more than a hundred local residents were injured. Russian authorities accuse Ukraine of shelling, Kyiv usually does not comment on these events.

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