In the Samara region, the sentence “citizens of the USSR” entered into force

In the Samara region, the sentence “citizens of the USSR” entered into force


On March 1, the regional newspaper “Samarskoe vremya” (SV) published news about the entry into force of the sentence against the members of the organization “Grazhdane SSSR”. The members of the community, which, as “SV” reports, is “recognized as extremist”, consider themselves the heirs of the Soviet Union and reject the legal authority of the existence of the Russian Federation.

One of the activists of the group, a native of Uzbekistan, 48-year-old Zeboniso Tomarova, who received citizenship of the Russian Federation in 2000, called on new compatriots to renounce this citizenship. Tomarova distributed video materials “propagandizing the aggressive ideology of the comrades”, and, as SV reports, in the end she ended up in the fifteenth colony of the Samara UFSIN.

A criminal case was opened against her in the Shentalinsky inter-district investigative department in the Samara region. Zeboniso Tomarova was accused of participating in the activities of a banned extremist organization. The punishment for this act, according to the Russian Criminal Code, involves imprisonment for a term of up to six years.

The head of the organization, 55-year-old Sergey Patsanovsky, and his colleague Olga Anufrieva, aged 46, were sentenced to three and four and a half years in a general regime colony. The appeal was rejected, the sentence entered into force. The Samara press, with reference to law enforcement agencies, notes that both convicts conducted their propaganda on the territory of the military commissariats of Tolyatta, where they “distributed extremist literature.”

The group, allegedly fighting for the restoration of the rights of citizens of the USSR, operated in the Samara region from 2019 to 2022. Its participants adhered to the “theory” according to which the Soviet Union de jure continues to exist.

The members of the group, as reported by “Samarskoe vremya”, called modern Russia a “trading firm registered in London”, and therefore refused to obey Russian courts, pay taxes and fines, and ignored utility bills.

The group “Citizens of the USSR”, known as “Novokuibyshevtsy”, was included in the list of prohibited organizations in Russia in August 2022.


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