In Yekaterinburg, a participant of the “Ways Home” action was arrested

In Yekaterinburg, a participant of the “Ways Home” action was arrested

On Sunday, a court in Yekaterinburg ordered eight days of administrative arrest for Albert Yakupov, who was detained the day before while laying flowers at the Black Tulip military memorial. His lawyer told Itʼs My City about this publication.

The court considered Yakupov to be the organizer of a public event without submitting a notice of its holding. In the protocol, which was drawn up by the police after the arrest, it was stated that he called on the city’s residents on the Internet to come to the monument to the soldiers who died in Afghanistan and Chechnya in order to “express a demand for complete demobilization and the termination of the special military operation.”

About 20 people gathered at the monument in Yekaterinburg the day before, five were detained. Protocols were drawn up on the three detained women for violating the rules of holding public events and they were released, facing a fine. Another participant of the action was released without a report, and Yakupov was left overnight at the police station before the court.

The action in Yekaterinburg was held as part of the traditional Saturday actions of the participants of the movement of relatives mobilized “The Way Home”. They are seeking the return of those mobilized from the front and the cancellation of the decree on mobilization, which continues to operate. As a rule, the participants of the actions do not unfurl any posters or chant slogans, but lay flowers at war memorials. Women come in white scarves. In Moscow, the wives of the mobilized have been laying flowers at the grave of the Unknown Soldier for several weeks. Last week, about 30 people, mainly journalists, were detained during the action. This Saturday, it was reported that three journalists had been detained in Moscow.

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