Tires were set on fire in a house in St. Petersburg, a person died

Tires were set on fire in a house in St. Petersburg, a person died

A fire broke out in an apartment building on Lygovsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg, and a body was found in the burned apartment – presumably, that of its owner. The cause of the fire was set on fire by unknown car tires on the stairwell. 30 residents of the house were evacuated, five needed medical help. The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under the article on murder committed in a socially dangerous manner.

Since December of last year, there have been more than ten cases of burning tires on the doors of apartments in residential buildings in St. Petersburg. In particular, on January 8, unknown persons set fire to the apartment door of pro-Kremlin media blogger and Sputnik Radio host Trofim Tatarenkov in the same way. As reported by the “Fontanka” publication, some of the arsons took place at addresses associated with the blogger Pyotr Lunyov. Specializing in cryptocurrencies: in December in St. Petersburg and the region, unknown persons tried to set fire to the apartments of his wife, parents, and business partners in the same way.

“Fontanka” connects the series of arsons with the conflict of Lunyov and the other victims with the Ukrainian video blogger Anatoliy Shary, with whom they may have had disagreements regarding advertising in blogs and cryptocurrency business. There is no official confirmation of this version, Shary denies the accusations.

The St. Petersburg building “Bumaga” clarifies that the Investigative Committee is comprehensively investigating the entire series of burning tires in St. Petersburg residential buildings. Charges have already been brought against 21 people, 10 of whom are minors.

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