Krasnoyarets was convicted in the case of cooperation with “Svoboda Rossii”

Krasnoyarets was convicted in the case of cooperation with “Svoboda Rossii”

A military court sentenced a former customs officer from Krasnoyarsk, Vitaly Alekseev, to 12 years in prison on charges of collaboration with the “Freedom of Russia” legion, a paramilitary formation of Russian citizens fighting on the side of Ukraine.

According to the Second Eastern District Military Court, Alekseev joined the Legion through a telegram and communicated to its representative information about the employees of the Siberian Electronic Customs, as well as about the enterprises of the defense-industrial complex of Krasnoyarsk.

Also, Alekseev was accused of pasting leaflets with an appeal to join the “Freedom of Russia” legion and, for a reward of 10,000 dollars, preparing to set fire to the building of the “United Russia” party.

Alekseev was detained on September 5, 2023. The criminal case was initiated under the articles on public appeals to terrorism and participation in the activities of a terrorist organization. According to the court’s verdict, Alekseev will spend the first four years in prison, and the remaining eight years in a high-security colony.

The Mash Telegram channel reported that Vitaliy Alekseev held the position of Chief Inspector of the Siberian Electronic Customs. According to open data, in 2016, Alekseev worked as a psychologist at the customs office, responsible for official checks with the help of a polygraph.

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