Kyivstar allocates 50 million hryvnias for mobile communication systems for air defense

Kyivstar allocates 50 million hryvnias for mobile communication systems for air defense


Kyivstar allocates 50 million hryvnias to the competent assistance fund of the army “Return alive” within the framework of the joint initiative “Let us live here: mobile communication systems for air defense”. The funds will be sent to complex hardware communications for the Air Command “South”.

The goal of the project is to provide defenders with ten complex communication hardware and necessary equipment with a total cost of 65 million hryvnias.

“Kyivstar continues to systematically support society and our defenders. Understanding the critical importance of communication, we decided to support the Air Force with reliable equipment that ensures communication in their work.

The company’s contribution is the first part of aid from the announced 100 million hryvnias for the Armed Forces after the cyber attack.” – noted Oleksandr Komarov, general director of Kyivstar.

The project can be supported by subscribers of the mobile operator by connecting the Super Force “Help to the Armed Forces”, and thus up to 50 hryvnias from the tariff plan will be directed to strengthening the Air Force as early as April 1. Subscribers of the contract form of connection and everyone who cares can contribute to project account.

Complex hardware communications (KAZ) are specially equipped four-wheel drive trucks developed by the Foundation and the Air Defense Forces, thanks to which coordination of work and organization of communication between air defense units takes place. They can be used as command and staff vehicles that receive information about danger from the air and in a matter of seconds transmit it to combat units that destroy enemy targets.

Each truck has three full-fledged workplaces and is equipped with secure communication systems, computers with special software, monitors, cables, routers, switches.

“Complex hardware communications that we, together with Kyivstar, will transfer to the Southern Air Command will be used by units, in particular, as command and staff vehicles.

KAZs have everything necessary to ensure uninterrupted communication in air defense units that cover the skies of Kherson Oblast, Odesa Oblast, Mykolaiv Oblast, as well as partly the skies of Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia and Kirovohrad Oblasts,” said Oleg Karpenko, deputy director of the Come Back Alive Foundation.

The project will continue until the target collection amount of 65 million hryvnias is reached. More detailed information at page project


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