“Temp” is not only in the production of armor protection, but also in supporting the economy of Ukraine

“Temp” is not only in the production of armor protection, but also in supporting the economy of Ukraine

As written Censor. No“Temp-3000” is a company that seeks to strengthen the technological sovereignty of Ukraine and will contribute to the development of national military capabilities.

The secret of the quality of Ukrainian-made body armor is exclusively internal resources. By using our own sources of raw materials, there is a guarantee that every detail of the product has a high degree of purity and meets all safety standards.

Telegram channel Bochkala_WAR spoke positively about the enterprise, noting that “Temp-3000” is an official supplier of products for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is a brand that almost from A to Z creates products exclusively from Ukrainian raw materials and practically does not need the help of Western partners. The localization of the enterprise is fixed in 90% of independent production of products.

From the advantages of production, not only the quality of products is determined, but also the active and stable support of the Ukrainian economy. Namely, the involvement of the state in public procurement procedures for the defense needs of domestic manufacturers, additional orders from the state for many Ukrainian enterprises allow them not to stop in war conditions. The same list also includes thousands of jobs that were created and preserved thanks to localization – these are families that did not go abroad and became the basis of Ukraine’s economic strength in this difficult period.

Thanks to active work, up to 40% of funds spent on procurement with localization are returned to the state budget (in the form of paid taxes, fees, wages paid to employees, etc.) and help finance the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the increase in the percentage and expansion of localization in public procurement is an impetus for investments in the development of both individual enterprises and entire branches of industry.

It should be noted that “Temp-3000” possesses unique proprietary Ukrainian technologies, has exclusive developments that increase the level of protection. They make the product from the very beginning (thread) all the way to its completion (with camo dyeing).

It is the largest company in terms of production capacity in Europe. Production is constantly improving, keeping up with the times and studying new means of defeating new ammunition used by the Russian army. Everything is done in order to strengthen the armor protection options, and every ceramic plate is tested.

The production of domestic products is one of the factors that turn the wheel of the country’s economy. It not only the protection of the person to whom it will fall, and economic support is also being activated.

In addition, the company not only helps the country with taxes, but also creates jobs, invests in the development of the military industry, and also supports local Ukrainian suppliers of raw materials.

Body armor made in Ukraine not only guarantees safety, but also shows support and development domestic industrial potential. Thanks to its own technologies and the use of local resources, Ukrainian bulletproof vests are famous for their quality, which symbolizes the strength and progress of the nation.

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