Mazepa stated that he knew about the case and explained why he was going to the WEF in Davos

Mazepa stated that he knew about the case and explained why he was going to the WEF in Davos

Ihor Mazepa, the founder of Concorde Capital, detained by the SBI, said that the case against him was started 10 years ago, but it started to move in the last 1.5 months.

He told journalists about this while waiting for the court session, the EP correspondent reports.

He said that the proceedings are based on project documentation that was developed in the 1960s during the design of the hydroelectric power station. However, in the last 30 years after Ukraine gained independence, none of the ten state bodies noticed this.

“But when I bought these lands on the secondary market, the investigators believe that it was I who committed the crime… In addition, out of the 3,000 hectares located on the so-called dam, I am charged with the illegal acquisition of 2 hectares,” he said.

Mazepa also added that the specified lands are intended for horticulture, and are not water fund lands, as there are three dozen decisions of three instances. And he also noted that he bought these plots on the market exactly in this format.

“This case is 10 years old, but it started to move in the last 1.5 months. Some of our neighbors in these areas have been in the pretrial detention center for a similar case since November. I went abroad in December, returning from a business trip after 8 days – knowing that in this the case has started to move,” he said.

In addition, Mazepa emphasizes that he was not hiding from law enforcement agencies, all this time he was traveling in his own car, paying with credit cards in his own name and using his own mobile phone.

“That means you can find me in 30 seconds,” he added.

Mazepa also recalled that he was detained at the border because he wanted to go on a business trip to Davos. The businessman added that he has armor against mobilization and was supposed to go to Switzerland on January 16, but he was delayed on business in Kyiv and decided to leave on January 18.

Despite the fact that the discussion of Ukraine ended at the WEF in Davos, he planned to discuss private investments in the project of balancing capacities in the energy sector (in particular, SES).

We remind you:

State Bureau of Investigation delayed On January 18, Ukrainian businessman, founder of Concorde Capital investment company Ihor Mazepa, while crossing the Ukrainian-Polish border.

Subsequently, the lawyers of the businessman Ihor Mazepa, who was detained by the SBU employees on the Ukrainian-Polish border declaredthat he was on his way to the World Economic Forum in Davos.

On the morning of January 19 in the DBR confirmed the detention of Mazepa.

The SBI detained businessman Ihor Mazepa in the case of illegal privatization of land plots in the Kyiv region – in Mazepa’s case files specified “the customer of taking over plots”.

Subsequently, Mazepa commented on the prosecutors’ request for bail in the amount of 700 million hryvnias.

“As a precautionary measure, the prosecutors are asking for bail in the amount of 700 million hryvnias for me. Not 700 hryvnias, not 700 thousand hryvnias, but 700 million hryvnias. And another 500 million hryvnias for my brother. That is, at least 1.2 billion hryvnias for the case. where the alleged losses amount to 7 million,” the businessman is indignant.

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