OGTSU joined the initiative to create a “Vertical Corridor” for gas supply in Europe

OGTSU joined the initiative to create a “Vertical Corridor” for gas supply in Europe

The HTS operator of Ukraine joined the initiative to create a “Vertical Corridor” for the supply of natural gas to in the region of Central and South-Eastern Europe, as well as in Moldova and Ukraine.

About this informs press service of OGTSU.

On January 19, the operators of natural gas infrastructure facilities of Moldova (Vestmoldtransgaz) and Ukraine (OGTSU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the sidelines of the meeting of ministers of the High-Level Group on Energy Connectivity of Central and South-Eastern Europe (CESEC).

The document establishes intensive cooperation between gas and LNG transmission system operators of Greece (such as DESFA and Gastrade), Bulgaria (ICGB, Bulgartrangaz), Romania (Transgaz), Hungary (FGSZ) and Slovakia (EUStream) in order to provide a coordinated response to the need to strengthen energy security and further diversification of supply sources.

The full-fledged launch of the “Vertical Corridor” through the modernization of the gas transportation networks of the specified countries will allow gas to be transported from the south to the north and vice versa through the European natural gas and LNG transportation network using the expanded capabilities created by new and under construction floating LNG regasification and storage facilities in the region.

Also, this potential can be further expanded due to the use of the specified infrastructure for the transportation of renewable gases and hydrogen.

In July 2024, operators will conduct simultaneous binding market studies on the allocation of bandwidth at the relevant connection points in accordance with the EU CAM Regulation adopted by the European Commission.

And based on the interests of users, the most appropriate and targeted capacity expansion projects, the implementation of which is necessary to satisfy demand along the “Vertical Corridor” route, will be determined and evaluated.


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