Microsoft reported a new attack by Russian hackers

Microsoft reported a new attack by Russian hackers


Microsoft Corporation – one of the world leaders in the field of software – reported on Friday that its servers were attacked by hackers, whom Microsoft associates with Russia.

The Reuters agency reported that the attack was carried out by hackers from the Midnight Blizzard group (“Midnight Lightning”), who are trying to gain access to Microsoft accounts and internal networks. At the same time, they use the data obtained during the previous attack in January of this year, when the same group hacked into the company’s corporate mail and stole some internal documents.

The company said that hackers are trying to get access to a large amount of data on Microsoft servers. It specified that hackers have been attacking Microsoft for several weeks and will try to use secret information, including software codes, for their own purposes. “This is part of the unprecedented global threats that have arisen in the course of current interstate conflicts,” the corporation emphasized, however, it was noted that specialists are working on improving protection systems, and significant damage from hacker attacks has not yet been recorded.


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