Monetochka released a clip “about brave women” who say there is no war

Monetochka released a clip “about brave women” who say there is no war

The singer Monetochka (Elizaveta Girdymova) released the song “Mommy has a secret” on the occasion of March 8. As Monetochka herself says, this composition and the clip for it are “about strong, brave, smart women who oppose themselves to war and death.”

“I was inspired to write this song by women who are close to me in spirit – my idols, my friends, my listeners… We are strong, we can fiercely protect our family, fearlessly fight for our country and support each other like sisters – this is what I learned about women in recent years. I am happy to be one of them,” Monetochka wrote on Instagram.

In the music video, journalists Kateryna Gordeeva, Anna Mongait, TV presenter Tatiana Lazareva, Pussy Riot participant Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, actresses Chulpan Khamatova, Varvara Shmykova, Maria Shalaeva, politician Ekaterina Duntsova, lawyer Mara Davtyan, as well as the widow of an opposition politician Yulia Navalnaya appear in the music video.

“How many things can be done to her, a neighbor counted a long time ago and looks askance, because she posts bad news on a banned social network,” Monetochka sings.

  • Elizaveta Girdymova spoke out against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and left Russia in the fall of 2022. In January 2023, the Russian Ministry of Justice added Monetochka to the list of so-called foreign agents. The agency mentioned that it collected money for the benefit of Ukraine. The singer commented on being on the list in Telegram with the words “oh yes!!!” (Oh yeah!).
  • The coin was also included in the list of banned musicians. At the beginning of February, it was reported that the employees of the Administration of the President of Russia issued an updated list of banned musicians to promoters and producers. It already has 77 Russian artists and groups.

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