Mobilized with disability received 5 years probation for “self-wolf”

Mobilized with disability received 5 years probation for “self-wolf”

A military court in Moscow sentenced a 29-year-old native of Tajikistan, Mehrozh Khaidarov, who has a disability due to congenital hearing loss, to five years of conditional imprisonment in the case of involuntarily leaving a unit during the mobilization period. This is reported by the “Military Lawyers” Telegram channel with a link to the case file on the court’s website.

Khaidarov was also given a four-year probationary period. The court considered the presence of two brothers with disabilities as a mitigating circumstance. The command of the unit, which asked for leniency, also appealed to the court.

Khaidarov is a disabled person of the III group, he has suffered from bilateral sensorineural hearing loss since birth and can only hear someone else’s speech at a very close distance.

In October last year, Mehrodz Khaidarov from the village of Linevo near Volgograd went to Lyubertsy near Moscow to visit relatives. There he wanted to get a job in order to save money for the operation and get rid of the hearing aid. He was detained by DPS officers when he was passing by the building of the military enlistment office. Khaidarov had a passport and a military card, which indicated his disability and limited fitness for military service. At the military enlistment office, under the dictation of the officers, he signed documents, the contents of which he did not understand, since he was without a hearing aid.

“The employees talked, looked at me, asked something, but I didn’t understand anything, I just smiled and nodded my head in agreement. They, it seems to me, noticed that I didn’t understand anything, started to laugh,” Khaidarov said. Mediazone”.

In the evening of the same day, Khaidarov found himself in the unit. From there he was able to call his father. Two days later, his parents arrived in Moscow. After the father’s conversation with the battalion commander and the head of the medical service, the young man was referred to the hospital for a military medical commission. However, doctors required to bring original medical documents. Then Khaidarov returned to the unit, collected his belongings in the barracks and left for home. According to him, since he had a referral to the hospital, he was simply released, there was no escape.

Khaidarov was absent from work for almost five months, and in March of this year, the police detained him in the Moscow subway. That’s how he learned that a criminal case was initiated against him under the article about the voluntary abandonment of the post of duty during the period of mobilization. This article was introduced a month before Haydarov’s detention and provides for 5 to 10 years of imprisonment.

  • In the 11 months since the beginning of the mobilization, more than 2,900 cases have been filed in the Russian military courts against contract workers and those mobilized under the articles that have been tightened since the beginning of the mobilization: on arbitrary abandonment of a unit, failure to comply with an order, desertion and other crimes. The number of such cases is growing every month. In approximately 75% of cases, the courts issued guilty verdicts.

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