Nestle, which does not leave Russia, plans to increase production volumes in Ukraine

Nestle, which does not leave Russia, plans to increase production volumes in Ukraine

Nestle intends to increase production in Ukraine in 2024.

This was announced by the CEO of Nestle in Ukraine and Southeast Europe, Alessandro Zanelli, on the sidelines of the European Business Association (EBA) conference, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

According to him, in 2022 Nestle started construction of a new factory in Volyn worth EUR 42 million with the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) next to the existing one.

The new factory will produce instant vermicelli and other food products.


Speaking at the conference, Zanelli noted that in monetary terms this year, Nestle in Ukraine has already achieved steady double-digit growth, compared to the average growth in the FMCG sector of about 17%.

He added that exports have recovered and are increasing. Thus, at the Lviv factory, which produces, in particular, TM “Svitoch” products, its growth reached 20% until last year, mainly due to the supply of coffee to Bulgaria, as well as confectionery products. At the Volyn factory, which produces cooking products, sauces and ketchups, exports increased by about 5%.

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Nestle is one of the world’s largest companies in the field of food and beverage production, represented in 187 countries. Offers a wide range of products and services for families and pets. Has more than 2000 trademarks.

In March 2022, Nestle suspended capital investments in Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine, but did not withdraw from the Russian market.

The company has promised to minimize operations in Russia to the sale of basic products such as baby and special medical nutrition.

At the same time, Oreo manufacturers Mondelez, Nestle and PepsiCo faced layoffs in Ukraine and resistance from workers in Eastern Europe, outraged by the companies’ decisions to keep part of their business in Russia.

However, later Nestle decided to stay on the Russian market.

At the same time, Nestle while remaining in Russia, invests in a new factory in Volyn almost 40 million dollars.

Nestle’s business in Ukraine is represented in the following areas: coffee and beverages, confectionery, cooking (cold sauces, seasonings, soups, quick-cooking products), baby and special food, ready-made breakfasts, pet food.

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