News on September 7: new suspicion of Kolomoisky, what will happen to taxes in 2024

News on September 7: new suspicion of Kolomoisky, what will happen to taxes in 2024

About Kolomoisky’s new suspicion. NABU detectives with the approval of the SAP on September 7 reported on the suspicion of embezzlement of bank funds in the amount of over UAH 9.2 billion to the ultimate beneficial owner of PJSC CB “PrivatBank” and five members of the group organized by him.

About confiscated assets of the Russian Federation. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that the US for the first time will transfer Assets confiscated from Russian sanctioned oligarchs in Ukraine.

About taxes in 2024. The project of the state budget for 2024 will not be accompanied the draft law on introducing tax changes to increase revenues.

About the “grain corridor”. Ukraine handed over Turkey is offered a proposal to resume the operation of the “grain corridor” without Russia, since there are no restrictions for vessels passing through the corridor through the territorial waters of Romania, Bulgaria, as well as Turkey.

About the sponsors of the war. National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption contributed to the list of international sponsors of the war of the Turkish manufacturer of glass and chemical products Şişecam Group.

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