Nyuta Federmesser was expelled from the social welfare council

Nyuta Federmesser was expelled from the social welfare council

The founder of the “Vera” hospice support fund, the head of the Center for palliative care, Nyuta Federmesser, was expelled from the Council under the Government of Russia on matters of guardianship in the social sphere. The order, signed by the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Myshustin, was published on the portal of legal acts.

Lev Ambinder, the president of the “Rusfond” charitable foundation, Oleg Salagai, deputy minister of health, and several others were also excluded from the Council.

In the summer, Federmesser strongly criticized the amendments to the law “On Psychiatric Assistance”. The amendments abolished the article that authorized the creation of independent bodies for the protection of the rights of patients of psychiatric hospitals and boarding schools, as well as the article on independent public control of the observance of patients’ rights.

According to Federmesser, the adoption of the new bill will make already vulnerable patients effectively powerless before the management of hospitals and boarding schools. She urged her colleagues to vote against the amendments “out of decency.” However, the amendments were approved by the State Duma, and then by the Federation Council.

Federmesser has repeatedly given reports on the unacceptable living conditions in Russian psychological boarding schools, which she equates to torture, and on the deaths of inmates due to poor care. According to her, after these performances her foundation “Vera” stopped receiving contracts and benefits.

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