Odesa baby food plant will produce milk

Odesa baby food plant will produce milk

OKZDH, which has been known for many years for baby food and juices, has been producing a new line of dairy products since May 2023.

“Ukrainians love our products and have trusted their quality for many years. This is both baby food, on which several generations of babies have grown, and our popular juices.

We have earned this trust as a result of combining high quality with an affordable price.

Our unchanging principle is to make products for adults according to the same high standards as for children, – says Andriy Zhukov, director of the Odesa canning plant for children’s food.

For milk processing, a new workshop was built and the latest equipment was purchased, which ensures the processing of raw milk and the production of products using ultra-pasteurization technology.

Fresh milk of the highest quality, sourced from verified farms, undergoes an ultra-high temperature (UHT) instant treatment to keep it fresh and nutritious for longer.

Milk and cream are produced without the addition of extraneous ingredients, and at the production site, raw materials and product quality are carefully controlled in accordance with baby food standards.

The Odesa plant already produces cream and four types of milk: 1%, 2.5%, 3.2% fat and “Barista”, with a balance of fats and proteins for the elasticity and stability of the foam.

The design of the packages refers to the traditional “white package” with a “child’s” handwriting, with which the main idea of ​​the project is written: “good for children – good for everyone”. The exception is “Our Milk” Barista, which has a “professional” and not a children’s design.

Try “Our milk” and feel the difference of our special approach to quality!

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